Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Second Life and PS3

I just learned all about Second Life, an online Video Game world that is supported by companies and academia!

Second Life is an online MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Experience) sort of like Everquest except there is less of a "questing and killing" focus. You can buy property and produce goods to sell and basically build a "second life" for yourself online. It was created by it's users and since the "game world" honors property rights people can sell their stuff for real life money. It's like a virtual world... Very cool, I think you can sign up for free so check out the link below.

Sony is doing something very similar to Second Life with the new PlayStation 3 "Home" project. They have created a virtual world for anyone with a PS3 who is online where people can create their own house with rooms and upload files and share them with friends. It is a very similar concept but a lot more limited in scope. Also, there is another project you might like with the PS3 where you can download a program that will allow the processing power from the gaming unit to go to curing cancer when you are not playing! It is being done in conjunction with Stanford University.

PS3 "Home" Virtual World
PS3 Folding@home Cancer Cure
About Second Life
Video on Second Life

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Anonymous said...

I can't afford a PS3 but I Really like the ide of Home. I've been using IMVU to chat and make an avatar, you can't make a whole house but you can make lotsof cool stuff and it's free!