Monday, January 5, 2009

Meeting a new friend

Today I sold my Fender Passport amp to someone on Craigslist. This amp had served me pretty well doing coffee shop performances and open mic nights (as shown in the video below) but was a bit large and worth quite a bit of money so I decided to sell it. This gentleman named Rudy (short for Rutillo) who was from Italy liked it and came by to check it out. He was super friendly and told me about owning a restaurant in Alameda California called C'era Una Volta

Rudy moved to the US from Italy 8 years ago and opened this restaurant, now he's going to use my old amp to show videos and slide shows of Italy, what an awesome idea! He told me about how Italians all know their neighbors and have a great sense of community, he hopes that these new events at his restaurant will help build that kind of community here.

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